4 of the Best Places to See Turtles in Maui

Did you know that some of the sea turtles in Maui can live up to 80 years, making them one of the oldest living creatures on the Hawaiian islands? Among the various marine species that grace the shores of Maui, sea turtles hold a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors. One of the most enchanting experiences on this Hawaiian island is witnessing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. This blog will take you through four of the best places to see turtles in Maui, where you can enjoy close encounters and some of the best snorkeling and beach experiences the island offers.

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Exploring 4 of the Best Places to See Turtles in Maui

Napili Point

Near the beautiful Napili Bay Beach, Napili Point stands out for its frequent sea turtle sightings. Seeing over six turtles daily is not unusual, making it a paradise for turtle enthusiasts. The beach’s fine sandy shoreline and excellent snorkeling conditions make it a favorite spot for water activity lovers, even if you’re a beginner.

Honolua Bay

Just a short drive from Napili Bay, Honolua Bay is renowned for its vibrant marine life. It is a fantastic choice for spotting sea turtles. The bay, surrounded by lush greenery, offers a stunning backdrop for nature and snorkeling lovers. Here, sea turtles can often be seen gliding through the crystal-clear waters. And you may even spot other Maui wildlife around the area, making it an exciting place to stop.

Maluaka Beach (Turtle Town)

In South Maui’s Kihei, fronting the Maui Prince Hotel, lies Maluaka Beach, also known affectionately as Turtle Town. This location is famous for impromptu turtle encounters, with its vast and beautiful beach setting providing an ideal habitat for sea turtles. Maluaka Beach is a popular destination for its breathtaking scenery and the chance to see these magnificent creatures up close. If you want to swim with the turtles, this is the best place!

Ho’okipa Beach

Located in the quaint North Maui town of Paia, Ho’okipa Beach is a blend of fantastic activities. From snorkeling to excellent conditions for windsurfing and shaded areas beneath beautiful trees. A stop along the famous Road to Hana, this beach is also one of the best places on Maui to spot sea turtles. Known for its natural beauty and strong winds, Ho’okipa Beach is a prime spot for water sports enthusiasts and those looking to observe sea turtles in their natural setting.

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