3 Reasons You Should Book a Trip to Maui in December

Maui view at night - download our free vacation guide (4)Thinking of scheduling a trip to Maui in December? You’ve picked a fantastic time to book a trip to our beautiful island! While many people don’t consider going to Hawaii during the winter, Hawaii is actually a perfect destination year-round. Our warm and friendly island is ready and waiting for your escape from the winter cold! To make your trip even better, we highly recommend downloading our complimentary Destination Guide to assist you as you research for your trip. Inside our Guide, you’ll find our best recommendations for fantastic places to eat, shop and visit. It’s a must-have tool as you plan your trip to visit Maui in December!

Our Top 3 Reasons to Visit Maui in December

There’s a saying that it’s never a bad time to visit Maui, and we agree! Here are some of our favorite things about our beautiful island during December that we know you will love as well!


1. Surfing is the Best it Can Get

Love to surf? Wintertime on Maui is when we see waves get as big as they are going to get, thanks to winter winds and cooler waters. Experienced surfers are sure to find some fantastic swells to write home about! If you’re an amateur or wanting to try surfing for the first time, we recommend not hitting the water during the winter. Come join us when it’s a little calmer and get your sea legs before attempting our winter waves!


2. It’s the Best Time of the Year for Whale Watching

Is there anything more awe-inspiring than a beautiful, massive whale effortlessly gliding through the water? If you’re wanting to catch sight of a whale, winter is the absolute best time to visit Maui. Climb aboard one of the many whale watching tour boats and you’re bound to see the incredible animals migrating to our warmer waters. Or, take a hike up the Lahaina Pali Trail and enjoy the whale watching along with the incredible panoramic views!


3. Exchange the Cold and Snow for Our Beaches and Warm Sunshine

With average temperatures in the seventies during the month of December, ease your winter blues and soak in some warm sun. While winter in Hawaii is considered the rainy season, we often have short, misty rains that only last a brief time during the day. Plenty of time left during the day to lay on the beach, hike our postcard-perfect mountains or take a guided tour. There is always something to do in Maui in December!


The Best Place to Stay During Your Time in Maui this December

PMI Maui view of the swimming pool with palm treesWe know that when you’re planning a vacation to Hawaii, you want every dollar to count. So instead of paying high prices for an impersonal hotel room, be sure to check out our beautiful vacation condos. With choices from one to three bedrooms, as well as amenities like kitchens, beachfront views, pools, fitness centers and more, our vacation condo rentals are the best on the island! Book your relaxing getaway to the sunshine this winter season today!


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