How to Experience the Beauty of Maui’s Whale Watching Season

Maui is a dream vacation destination any time of year. As temperatures start dropping nearly everywhere else in the U.S., Hawaii’s climate stays warm, sunny, and beautiful all year long. The beginning of November marks the start of whale watching season on Maui. Nothing compares to seeing a humpback whale break through the calm water and greet you with a wave of its fin. Whale watching tours are the perfect attraction for your entire family to enjoy!

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What Can You See During Maui Whale Watching Season?

Every November, the North Pacific Humpback Whales pass through Maui during their winter migration. Suppose you want to witness the graceful movements of these incredible animals first-hand. In that case, whale watching season is the perfect time for you to visit Maui! Three different populations of whales, or “stocks,” migrate through Maui each season. Whale stocks from British Columbia and Alaska flock to the Hawaiian waters during the winter months, making Hawaii home to the most prominent humpback whale presence during peak season. Where else can you see a 40-foot-long, 40-ton animal breach the water right in front of your eyes?

Check Out the National Marine Sanctuary

If you’re interested in learning more about the humpback whales you’ll be seeing, make sure to visit the National Marine Sanctuary! The sanctuary provides a hospitable environment for some of nature’s most magnificent animals in Maui’s shallow warm waters. They are dedicated to protecting humpback whales and preserving their natural habitat. If you step outside the Marine Sanctuary Visitor Center, you can see these magnificent creatures in action!

Important things to know about whale watching

You can whale watch at sea and from the shore! The Pacific Whale Foundation has a lookout at McGregor Point, where you can see whales or find out where they might have been spotted. According to local laws, while you are on the water, it is important to note that you cannot be within 100 yards of a whale. You can rent a boat to whale watch but be advised it can be challenging to find whales if you have never gone before.

3 of the Best Tours During Maui Whale Watching Season

One of the best ways to see as many whales as possible in a single day is to sign up for a whale-watching tour! Need help deciding which one is best for you and your family? Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Sunrise Whale Watch

Sunrise is the best time of day to see whales in Maui. Seize the day by watching humpback whales dance against the backdrop of a glorious, golden sunrise. By booking a sunrise whale watch, you could be one of the first to have a Maui whale sighting this season!

2. Kayak Whale Watch

Maui Kayak Adventures offers its very own whale watch tour. This experience is perfect for adventurers who want to get as close as possible to Maui’s marine life. Imagine watching a humpback whale glide under your kayak or feel the vibrations from a whale song traveling through the water. You don’t want to miss out on this!

3. Snorkel Whale Watch

One of the most interactive tours available is the Pride of Maui Snorkel Tour. Dive in and swim alongside these majestic animals for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. The tour also includes a BBQ lunch, an open bar, and all the snorkel gear you’ll need! Snorkel tours, beginning December 1st, are a must-do activity in Maui in December.

Tip: We always recommend booking tours online for the lowest prices.

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