Te Au Moana Is One of the Most Magical Shows on the Island

Maui view at night - download our free vacation guide (4)If you want to have the ultimate Hawaiian experience on Maui, then we have the perfect activity for you. Te Au Moana is an awesome luau show that includes delicious food, fun activities, and a breathtaking performance that delights adults and children alike. Learn more about this unique tradition below and start planning your visit today!

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Everything You Need to Know About Te Au Moana

What Is a Luau?

You can’t come to Maui and not experience a real luau. It’s a must! If you are not familiar with the term, the word “luau” refers to a celebration of food, dance, and Polynesian and Hawaiian culture.

The luau is rooted in the history of Hawaii and came from the separation of genders due to strict religious taboos. (For example, during mealtime, men and women were forbidden to sit next to each other.) In 1819, however, King Kamehameha II decided to remove the religious laws imposed on his people and protested by sitting down and eating with women. Today, during a luau, you get to feast and eat traditional dishes together at long tables, and the food is cooked right in front of you. Try everything from Kalua pork cooked in a pit oven to laulau, a delicious mix of seasoned pork and fish wrapped in taro leaves. Then, witness an explosion of color and sound as the show begins before your eyes!

Te Au Moana: The Ocean Tide

Partaking in a luau is a one-of-a-kind experience, and Te Au Moana is no exception! Tickets give you access to the all-you-can-eat buffet, drinks, live music, and dance show. You are greeted with a lei, which is a long flower or shell necklace, and directed to the bar for delicious Mai Tais and other tropical drinks.

Pre-Show Activities

Te Au Moana gives guests the opportunity to participate in pre-show activities that celebrate Hawaiian culture and history. You can get a temporary Hawaiian tattoo, watch traditional craft demonstrations, learn how to hula, and play games around the luau grounds.

Traditional Food

As we mentioned above, famous Hawaiian dishes are served during the luau. Here are some popular dishes you will encounter during your visit: poi, Kalua pork, “Chicken Long Rice”, laulau, baked mahi mahi, haupia, poke, and more!

Prior to the show, an imu ceremony is held. It’s something you don’t want to miss! An imu is a buried oven used to cook meat, and the ceremony consists of removing all of it from the ground.

Show and Fire Knife Dance

The Te Au Moana Show includes jaw-dropping costumes and fabulous music, all with an amazing backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. It’s a great activity for the entire family. You’ll be entertained and will learn about Hawaiian culture at the same time! The show also features elements of the Polynesian Islands and takes you on a ride around the world. To top it all off, the grand finale consists of an impressive fire knife dance that will take your breath away!

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