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PMI Maui is a family-owned company with decades of combined experience in the Maui market. Our love for the market started in 2009 when we bought our first investment property on Maui and have continued to bring our love for Maui to others!

What is a Fee Simple Home?

A Fee simple property is one that you can buy outright without a time limit. Any and all expenses of the property are paid by the owner, and you are able to sell, lease, will, or trade the property.

Fee simple real estate tends to be more expensive than leasehold homes, but it is easier to receive financing and you do not have to worry about losing your property after 30 years. The majority of single-family homes are fee simple properties.

What is a Leasehold Home?

A leasehold estate is a property that you can buy for a limited time (hence lease) for a predetermined amount of time. These properties tend to be cheaper than fee simple homes and can be used as short-term vacation rentals if they are properly zoned.

The lessee will have to pay rent on the property and property tax, but you do not have to feel boxed-in by an expiration date. You can renew your lease indefinitely, and you can even buy the property outright. Leasehold properties are great for seniors on a fixed income who are looking for a retirement property or people looking to live a luxurious lifestyle on a smaller budget.

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