Epic South Maui Diving Spots You Won’t Want to Miss

Choosing Maui for your next vacation is by far one of the best decisions you can make. Not only do you get to stay on a gorgeous island but you also can discover all the beauty that inhabits it. The landscapes are just as picturesque below water as they are on the surface, and a great way to experience it is by diving right into it! South Maui diving spots are some of the most beautiful on the planet, and no need to spend hours researching them; read this blog and you’ll know everything you need to know!

Before you start planning your vacation, remember to check out our free Vacation Guide! Think of it as your local tour guide. We’ll tell you where to find the best attractions, restaurants, dive spots, hidden beaches, and much, much more. 

The Top 7 South Maui Diving Spots

Ulua/Mokapu Beach

Level: Easy

Type of Diving: Scuba and Snorkeling

The point at Ulua and Mokapu Beach is perfect for beginners. You can enter the water easily and get a peek at some gorgeous fish and coral species. The best spot to go diving is at the north end of the beach: you can start along Ulua’s reef, make your way to Mokapu and back! It’s ideal for experts and beginners alike, even children!

Wailea Point

Level: Easy

Type of Diving: Scuba and Snorkeling

Looking for the ultimate tropical diving experience? Wailea Point is where you want to be. The beautiful waters are full of sea turtles and tropical fish and don’t exceed a depth of 20 to 25-feet, which is ideal for beginners! You can even book an excursion with Maui Undersea Adventures. This 1.5-hour tour welcomes every level and ages 10 and up! All gear is provided.

La Perouse Bay

Level: Intermediary

Type of Diving: Snorkeling

This famous South Maui diving spot was named after the first European who set foot on Maui: Jean Francois de Galaup La Perouse. La Perouse Bay is better suited for advances snorkelers who wish to enjoy their favorite activities in one of the top sites on the island. While you’re under there, you will most likely admire species like Moorish idol, yellow tang, domino damselfish, and if you’re lucky dolphins! The early morning is the ideal time for your excursion, as it gives you the top weather conditions and plenty of time to enjoy the surrounding landscapes after you’re done. You can hike up the trail to the left of the beach for example!

Five Caves

Level: Advanced

Type of Diving: Snorkeling

For the wow moment, head over to five caves! This site is one of the most remarkable on the island of Maui. Swim through six pinnacles including canyons and caves, and encounter abundant sea life on your journey, such as sea turtles, whitetip reef sharks, and puffer fish!

St. Anthony Wreck

Level: Intermediate 

Type of Diving: Snorkeling and Scuba

Visit this shipwreck roughly half a mile swim from the shore (or kayak from the beach to conserve your energy). The St. Anthony is a 65-foot shrimp boat that was intentionally sunk in 1997 off of Keawakapu Wailea-Ekahi Beach. You can see plenty of green sea turtles, moray eels, reef sharks, and Milletseed Butterflyfish.

Landing Craft and Tank

Level: Beginner

Type of Diving: Snorkeling and Scuba

These relics are from World War II and are submerged at 60 feet off the coast of the Makena Golf and Beach Resort. You can see old ammunition, eels, goat fish, and octopus amongst these wrecks.

Makena Landing

Level: Intermediate

Type of Diving: Snorkeling and Scuba

Makena Landing is often touted as one of the best coral reef diving spots in Maui. You can expect to see turtles, white tip sharks, puffer fish, frogfish, and even hear whales sing during whale season.

Where to Get Gear

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