4 of the Reasons We Love Visiting Maui in August

Maui is everyone’s favorite summer destination, but the high crowd numbers turn off locals and tourists. August is a great month to visit for its warm weather, fun events, and waning crowds. In this blog, we’ll tell you all about the best things to do on Maui in August when the weather is hot and the beaches are starting to feel a bit freer. 

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4 of Our Favorite Things about Maui in August

Temperature on Maui in August

The weather on Maui is often compared to paradise, but contrary to belief it does change throughout the year. August’s daily high temperature sits at 87°F while the daily low averages at around 72°F. You can expect clear skies and no rain during August, but it is muggier than in July. This temperature is great for water-based activities like windsurfing, kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling and the smaller crowds tend to have their own appeal.

Events on Maui in August

Maui’s local culture produces a vibrant appreciation for dancing, singing, and making merry in groups. Whether you enjoy watching hula dancing or wish to celebrate the Japanese influence on the island, August has several fascinating events worth your time.

Try SNUBA Diving

A cross between snorkeling and scuba diving, SNUBA is the best way to see Maui’s tropical fish and coral reefs without needing a SCUBA certification. Explore up to 20 feet deep through a regulator when you book a SNUBA dive with an operator like Pride of Maui.

Surfing on Maui

The peak surfing season on Maui is from November to March for its consistent swells, but the May-October season has smaller waves perfect for beginners looking to learn how to surf! Some of our favorite places to surf on Maui are:

  • Honolua Bay
  • Pe’ahi (Jaws)
  • Lahaina

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