This Is How to Have the Best Thanksgiving on Maui

Are you considering celebrating Thanksgiving away from home this year? Maui is the ideal destination! Our beautiful Hawaiian island is the escape you and your loved ones need to spend quality time together and enjoy a lavish vacation. Indeed, fall is one of the best times to visit this Hawaiian gem, and there are plenty of ways to celebrate in your home away from home. Do you want to know some of our favorites? Read on, take notes, and get ready to spend the most tropical Thanksgiving on Maui! 

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3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Thanksgiving on Maui 

Enjoy a Day on the Water 

One of the best things to do during your Thanksgiving vacation on Maui is to enjoy the outdoors, especially the water! The weather usually cools down a littlewhich makes a boat ride quite enjoyable. Rent a kayak or book a catamaran for the day and enjoy the salty breeze of the Pacific Ocean. Another reason to get out on the water is to spot some whales! Indeed, humpback whales return to Maui around mid-November each year, so remember to bring your binoculars!

Attend a Thanksgiving Luau 

You cannot miss the chance to attend a Luau while on Maui, and what’s more fun than a Thanksgiving Luau? Indeed, many of the main Luaus offer turkey on the menu during the holiday as well as fun activities for the entire family. Te Au Moana is one of our favoritesas it features a stunning, colorfulPolynesian dancing show.  

Feast at Bistro Molokini 

Are you looking for a more traditional, sit-down Thanksgiving dinner? Head over to Bistro Molokini! Located at the Grand Wailea, this fine dining restaurant offers a lavish Thanksgiving dinner, featuring a three-course meal with dishes such as pumpkin bisque, roasted turkey, pumpkin pie, and more. This exclusive dinner costs $52 per person and needs to be booked in advance. Contact the front desk at Wailea to make yours!

Celebrate with Your Family on Maui 

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